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Skyrim Dawnguard PS3 DLC Release Date Still Possible?

It looks like a "Skyrim Dawnguard" PS3 DLC wii motion plus controller could still need a release date for anyone gamers who've gone months devoid of the content. A new online report suggests that Bethesda might have solved their previous difficulty with regards to bringing the DLC's to the Playstation 3. Creates this change show that Dawnguard and Hearthfire will quickly be available, or will those who own the Sony video gaming console get a special, exclusive update for his or her game?

A recent report from Reviews xbox 360 controller parts website shows a specific line of code from your game's new 1.8 update beta. Basically this line has "PS3 DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT" inside, leading some to wonder if that means Bethesda has finally solved its issues about bringing extra content towards PS3. The PR site procedes to speculate that maybe the modern DLC called "Dragonborn" may be given out as an exclusive download to simply Ps3 those who own the recording game.

As of this report, the xbox 360 slim hard drive Bethesda company hasn't said one of the ways or perhaps the other regarding get the job done new DLC is for PS3, or is going to be for others. Also, they still have yet to reveal a Dawnguard release date or Hearthfire one for that matter. Hopefully, Sony PS3 owners will ultimately find some new content with regards to game, and oftentimes they'll be rewarded with content that Xbox users won't gain access to.

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