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The console week news review tyrannize 5 a hair diagram on Wednesday

Microsoft announced Kinect price cutting to $110 you move

Microsoft's Major Nelson today announced which it in the original cost $149.99 Kinect body feeling controller permanent discounted to $109.99, other parts of America, Latin America, Asia countries will also Kinect deduction together, moreover on October 4,, Kinect body feeling controller in price will even improve the Australian and New Zealand two countries, Japan and Europe, Middle East, Africa along with other regions temporary not released reduction plan.

SONY next-generation consoles will support 4 k resolution

Based on an unidentified source says SONY generation x of host, which PS4 (or that other) will support 4 k respectively rate, that can promote the modern progression of TV visual effect, considering PS4 need appropriate for generation x of hd TV, SONY behind the thought must be with the PS4 and launched a new generation of liquid crystal TV, with their watching movies system upgrade, to advertise 4 k TV, 4 k blu-ray as well as the use of PS4

This isn't Cosplay! Movie characters fashionable dress collocation

Teenagers business women wearing animation, the movie or game role clothing behavior art called Cosplay, you may will feel in the reality in the virtual image of the clothing can appear nondescript, but in fact these virtual image reality dress collocation may also is very fashionable oh, these diagram is incredibly image expounds the mainstream cartoon movie characters fashionable dress collocation, together have a look at these walk from the forefront of fashion virtual picture of the clad collocation it.

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