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Darksiders 2 Available today For Xbox 360 elite, PS3, PC

Gamers wanting to get their hands slightly dirty while using dealings of Death, his scythe and a little thing called the apocalypse is capable of doing so at this time for either home consoles or PC. THQ and Vigil Games' Darksiders II has officially been released today across retailers and digital distribution services in North America.

For those of you using a Steam account, start downloading the sport at this very moment as well as those of you having an >cheap xbox 360 controllers or PS3 you'll be able to wait outside the local GameStop in the wee-items of earlier mornings to seize a duplicate once they flip the sign to “Open”.

Despite THQ's rocky financial hardships trapped on video tape, the organization were maintain the majority of their high-profile franchises and also were able to recover enough to announce additional sequels for established brands. For the moment, though, the organization may well be wishing for a quality Metacritic scores, regeneration for the launch trailer and many “GOTY” comments being thrown around in forum boards and forums for the recently released Darksiders II.

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