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Video games really have age limit?

As a child, that will play games, like to play the game seems to be a the nature of the child, "I grew up, and can play games!" This is a lot of children and parents said. So how to game is the suitable children play? (on xbox 360 game is the children the most like to play). This is also a headache parents are a problem.

First of all, video game isn't born it good or bad?

They just media, such as TV, books, the Internet, and so on. They should not be vilified flatly. Like movies and books, there are games such as xbox 360, education and inspired, and a game, cater to our sex and violence of the original charm.

There are few very young children's video game ps3 controller effects of the research, and relevance of research is immoral randomly assigned to two years old or video game play per day, 2 hour or no.
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